fabled_hero (fabled_hero) wrote in dissendium_hp,

Search Party.

The portal spits them out just within a few meters of the edge of the Forbidden Forest. The foliage isn't that dense; the forest floor is covered only covered with low bracken. But hundreds of tall, well-established trees with thick trunks spread out in all directions as far as the eye can see, their branches are so thick that even at this time of year almost all of the afternoon light was blocked, giving a sacred otherworldly quality to the forest.

Harry turns to the others, his face pinched with worry. "Sorry. But we don't want be seen. The woods seemed like the best place to set the portal too." he grimaces and points to the edge of the forest. "We should come out of the woods far enough away that no one will be able to see us from the castle. Just be careful."
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