Sidney (gwyllgi_goblin) wrote in dissendium_hp,

Gringotts, Diagon Alley, London

Sidney took a drag of coffee from her cup and grimaced. It had gone cold again, and it really wasn't doing anything to perk her up. Not after the twelfth cup.

Giving a frustrated growl she leaned back in her chair. Giving a disgusted look at the parchment stacked high in front of her on the desk. She'd been here all night, and most of the morning and had yet to see the end of it. This always happened on the fourteenth of February; anyone married or involved called the day off and the bulk of the work was left to those who didn't have anyone. Her name had cropped up on the list of the poor single unfortunates this year. Even if she really wasn't. Too bad, so sad, no documentation, start working.

Two, three more hours, Sidney decided. If she hurried she could get the bulk of it done by then. And if anyone came into work early, bubbling about what a wonderful fourteenth they'd had she wring their necks.
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